My wall project step 1

2008-08-21 16:00:24 by Tue

MY WALLS ARE ALL WHITE!! I wanna change that... and this is the first step! I printed out some neat Bleach DVD covers and taped them to black cardboard and stuck it on the wall... It may not look completely good and the tape sucks, but its better than before :P

My wall project step 1


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2008-08-21 16:23:25

lol! you're a bit obsessed it seems.

Tue responds:

Of course, I wouldnt put something on my wall if I wasnt :)


2008-08-21 16:37:26

damn rigth


2008-08-21 19:40:10

Hmm.....I think there's somethng wrong with it....There seems to be some crap anime images stuck to your beautiful wall. Fix that.


2008-08-21 21:26:58

someone needs to drop dead if he saying what i think hes saying, anyway i think its awesome dude, hope it doesnt mess up the dvd covers though....


2008-08-21 23:07:11

hey Tue checkout my most recent post, this is what i did with my white walls!


2008-08-22 00:22:32

This is only going to get you not laid.


2008-08-22 03:48:14

you took bleach over gurren lagann? tsk tsk tsk...

Tue responds:

Im not done watching Gurren Lagann... But yeah, I would probably take Bleach over it :\


2008-08-22 07:18:42

Really? Bleach over Gurren Lagann? Gurren Lagann was genius, Bleach is just one of those neverending animes that throw fillers into the mix just to make money. I always prefered shorter animes to longer ones because shorter animes generally have more meaning in them. Gurren Lagann was full of meaning, with a clear message at the end.

Tue responds:

I agree with you that Bleach is one of those "never ending animes", and as I said before, I'm only at episode 6 (Or so) of Gurren Lagann. But first of all: I'm not really into mecha animes (dont know why), and I actually prefer those "eternal" animes, because you get a much better picture of the characters. And the story is often much deeper/epic then the animes with only 30-or so episodes.

(But yeah fillers suck big time!)


2008-08-22 19:29:01

bleach pictures! cool!