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2008-09-18 02:35:51 by Tue

For the interested ones, my movies are (finally) on youtube:

I've been trying to get them on since forever, using various convertion and screencapture software. But never with a satisfying result.

And yes I know you can export video-files from flash, but my Flash 8 was a real pain in the ass about that. What I ended up doing was get the CS3 trail, export a .mov from a stronger computer then my own, convert it to an .avi and THEN upload it...

Still, as you can see the result isn't perfect, so if you know a better way, you are welcome to share.

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In other news
I made a "Next movie"-countdown banner on my website, so you'll know when to check back: :P


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2008-09-18 02:41:22

I'm on youtube, but I really can't put flash on it :( I've got a mac so I don't know if you an go the same things you can do on PC's but how did you get it into a .avi file? I'd appreciate the help :D


(I'm AndyisLazy)

Tue responds:

I used RAD video tools: tm