Entry #1

more movies to come... hopefully

2007-07-28 07:51:48 by Tue

It has been nearly two years since my first flash movie... allot of movie ideas have poped up since then, but since I am a very lazy person and flash is so slow in the making, I havnt finished aynthing since then.

BUT I think im finaly ready to take all of my projects seriously, and get them done!

currently working on:
A trailer/ musicvideo for an upcoming series named: "Slynks"


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2008-04-16 11:51:07

hells yea. look forward to any new stuff from you. btw, a slight request. you already did a nephew song, and i was wondering if you could do another off the same album, "bazooka" i dunno, just a thought.

Tue responds:

Actually I do intend on making a Bazooka musicvideo :)


2008-08-03 15:10:55

Det er altid rart at se andre danskere her :)
Og god trailer/musikvideo forresten!