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Posted by Tue - May 12th, 2011

Hey guys!

I finally made a new movie you can find it here if you are interested:


The movie is dedicated to Japan and the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

"Join Kobe Cow on his quest to save Japan from earthquakes and tsunamis!"

New movie out: Kobe Cow vs. Tsunami

Posted by Tue - February 17th, 2010


I switched my old html-style website out with a wordpress-styled...one.... I Kinda wanted it up and running fast (though that didnt happen), so I just chose a free theme and edited the design.

All my old drawings, movies and photos have been uploaded... so check it out!! :D

New Website :O

Posted by Tue - March 29th, 2009

So this week I finished the "media graphics" exam. Only one month more and I have fully completed the education. :)

I didnt do so well in grades, because we had to produce allot of stuff in a short amount of time, without the ability to work on our project at home (guess im too used to having that option). So I had to priorities some things over others, and in the end I got a 4... which I think is the same as a D.

Posted by Tue - January 5th, 2009

I got tired of my old wordpress-blog design (was too dark, and no fun to write in)... so switched to this one: kaldmigtue.wordpress.com/

I have customized it so it looks quite uniqe... If I say so my self :)

And Im thinking about changing somethings on my website... but no use talking about it, when I havnt done it...

Posted by Tue - September 18th, 2008

For the interested ones, my movies are (finally) on youtube: http://youtube.com/user/Kaldmigtue

I've been trying to get them on since forever, using various convertion and screencapture software. But never with a satisfying result.

And yes I know you can export video-files from flash, but my Flash 8 was a real pain in the ass about that. What I ended up doing was get the CS3 trail, export a .mov from a stronger computer then my own, convert it to an .avi and THEN upload it...

Still, as you can see the result isn't perfect, so if you know a better way, you are welcome to share.

/* */

/* */
In other news
I made a "Next movie"-countdown banner on my website, so you'll know when to check back: kaldmigtue.dk/ :P

Posted by Tue - August 21st, 2008

MY WALLS ARE ALL WHITE!! I wanna change that... and this is the first step! I printed out some neat Bleach DVD covers and taped them to black cardboard and stuck it on the wall... It may not look completely good and the tape sucks, but its better than before :P

My wall project step 1

Posted by Tue - August 6th, 2008

This was originaly written for my blog but to celibrate, that I can now make frontpage posts like this, I had to make one right away :P

While working on my latest flash movie, I discovered some tips, which helped me to actually MAKE flash and not just play games or do nothing... So I thought I would share it here, and aid others who are as lazy as I am : )

The first tip is a well known one: Make a storyboard inside the flash movie! I dont think most people make them because they are lazy, but it helps this way too! It dosn't have to be drawings, it can just be text. The idea with this is to give you a better picture of how far you are and how much more is left!

Background noise
I often have the TV running in the background, when im on my computer. But this will just be an annoyes if you have decided to work on your flash movies. The best thing is to just turn everything off and concentrate on your project! However, Im not really a fan of complete silence, so I often result to the next best thing: Music!

If you are gonna listen to music while working, the best thing you can listen to is something you are not too familiar with... If its songs you love and know well, the outcome might be you on the floor going crazy, table-drumming or air-guitaring = not making flash. (this happens to me allot) :P

My last tip is to tatoo yourself... well, not with needels and ink, but just a simple pen will do! I used my arms to write motivatinal text down on. So you will see it all the time and remind you that you should be working on your movie. As I am writing these tips, you can still see hints of text like: "GET IT DONE!" and "WORK WORK" forexample.

Write your own "Flash tips for lazy people"
To tell the truth I am not only sharing these tips out of the goodness of my heart, but also as another motivater for myself. "Other people might follow these tips, so I have to follow them aswell, to set an example!" - is what im thinking : )

Well, I hope this helped you out...
Happy flash-making!

Posted by Tue - August 4th, 2008

Argh why did P-Bot have to fuck up now... I think I would have got an award this time for "The Doberman"... would have been my first aswell :(

It's all confusing now Im not sure if the date I submited was ever registred, or it was and I just dont have a high enough score, hoping there will be a post from NG clearing it up : \

Posted by Tue - July 28th, 2007

It has been nearly two years since my first flash movie... allot of movie ideas have poped up since then, but since I am a very lazy person and flash is so slow in the making, I havnt finished aynthing since then.

BUT I think im finaly ready to take all of my projects seriously, and get them done!

currently working on:
A trailer/ musicvideo for an upcoming series named: "Slynks"